Thin Air Productions

Thin Air Productions
11209 Ashley Drive,
Rockville, MD 20852

Thin Air Productions features magician Mark Phillips, who has been specializing in trade show magic since the 1980s. The company operates both in the USA and Europe, with businesses taking advantage of Mr Phillips’ fluent German, and serves clients at over 20 trade shows and exhibitions each year.

The company was founded in 1986 with the express purpose of creating and delivering entertaining, attention-getting trade show presentations for corporate exhibitors. At the time, there were few accepted options to draw traffic to a trade show booth. Research by Exhibit Surveys had clearly demonstrated that a quality professional trade show magician both attracted large crowds and greatly increased memorability for exhibitors.

Following the advice of his mentor trade show magic pioneer Mike Rogers, Mark Phillips focused solely on trade show magic presentations. As a teaching assistant for the Dale Carnegie Sales Course, Mark gained experience and ultimately expertise in creating and delivering presentations that were entertaining and filled with marketing content for his clients.

The Thin Air Productions website features details of presentations, include photos and video, as well as customer lists and testimonials.

Company-Supplied Content

With more than 25 years working almost exclusively at trade shows for clients ranging from business casual Silicon Valley software companies to the most conservative consulting and financial institutions, Mark has become a corporate chameleon. Regardless of a company’s corporate style and culture, Mark will look, sound and act just like a long-time employee. He appears to have the product knowledge and presentation skill of a company’s top salesperson, yet he performs visual, jaw-dropping sleight-of-hand that few professional magicians can even approach. As the Washington Post wrote of him, “Mark Phillips has skill to burn.”

“My job is to take the stress out of exhibiting. Trade Shows are a huge investment and being present is not enough any more – to get a significant return on investment and exhibitor must have a presence. That means standing out from the other booths, actively attracting prospects to your booth instead of just hoping they will stop instead of walk past, and piquing the interest of potential customers with key benefits. For companies that cannot afford to leave their booth traffic to chance, Thin Air Productions proven track record – more than 400 shows for scores of clients over 25 years – insures a greater ROI.”